The Ancient
Society of
Est. 1637

23rd-31st August 2020

It is now less than 12 months before UK20, the 6th in the series of tours aimed at members resident outside the UK. That means flights are now open, and frequent flyer miles opportunities available!

The tour will be running from Saturday 22nd August through Monday 31st August 2020 (that Monday is a public holiday). It is going to be two centres - East London (Dave's manor) for the first half and then Birmingham (Simon's manor) for the second half.

As well as the perennials who are always welcome back, it would be great to see anyone who has been elected a member since UK17. If you speak to anyone who has been on these tours they will hopefully say that although they are quite intensive, they are a great way to consolidate and extend your repertoire, visit new places, and generally enjoy a high standard of ringing.

Prospective members of the Society have also been invited in the past. If you have a ringer who you think would be ready for membership next year, please feel free to invite them to come along. even if only for part of the tour.

It would be good to start hearing from people who are hoping to come. You can email me on

Simon Linford