National 12 Bell Eliminator

26th March 2022

Today at St. Magnus the Martyr an eliminator is being held for the National 12 Bell Striking Contest. This is a competition between church bell ringing teams who ring on 12 bells, and today the competing teams are from St. Paul’s Cathedral, Oxford, Melbourne, Wimborne, Southwark and the Ancient Society of College Youths (ASCY).

The ASCY are hosting the event. Whilst the society has an international presence, the focus of their activities is Tuesday night practices in city churches including St. Magnus. Many of their members will be around today so please just ask if you have any questions.

St Magnus the Martyr
St Magnus the Martyr


11:00 Draw
11:30-15:20 Ringing
16:00 (approx.) Results

The Walrus and The Carpenter will be open from 11am until 10pm, serving food and drink. Toilets are available in the church and the pub.

The Judges

The judges today are Tom Hinks and Lucy Woodward. Tom lives and rings in Bromley, and is an enthusiastic handbell ringer when he's not ringing tower bells. Lucy Woodward rings at St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey and also supports other ringing in London.

Tom Hinks
Tom Hinks
Lucy Woodward
Lucy Woodward

The Touch

252 Stedman Cinques


2.s3.s5. (20)

The Results

Start Time Team Peal Speed Score Result
A 11:30 St Paul's 3h32 74% 4th
B 12:10 Melbourne 3h35 80% 2nd
C 12:50 Wimborne 3h24 64% 5th
D 13:30 Southwark 3h31 58% 6th
E 14:10 ASCY 3h28 95% 1st
F 14:50 Oxford 3h31 77% 3rd