UK22 update #1

This is the first monthly update (obvious from the title really).


I am continuing to make progress on booking towers. The standard format of an 8, 10 and 12 each day is going well, with some new places as well as old favourites. I am pleased we are going down to Brighton where we will have a couple of hours on the 10 at St Nicholas before you can go and have fish and chips on the beach. That is the day with St Paul's Cathedral in the evening. We haven't been to Saffron Walden before, or down into Kent, so there is plenty to look forward to. I will keep the website updated.


I am now getting people telling me they have booked flights. This is always a bit boost for the organising 'team' - it makes it start to get real. If you can keep me appraised of your plans it is helpful. As we did last time, I am doing most of the advance work and then Dave will do most of the running of ringing during the tour itself.


Whilst you are free to stay in whatever hotels you like, if you want to be with the rest of the group I am recommending the following.

In London, either the Travelodge London Central Tower Bridge or the Premier Inn London City (Tower Hill). These are a stone's throw from each other and very handy for our London ringing. The Travelodge is the more budget option. I have stayed there a couple of time before CY dinners. There is a Wetherspoon right next to them which will probably get used a lot.

In Birmingham I suggest the same Premier Inn we have used before, which is the Premier Inn Birmingham City Centre (Waterloo Street). The budget option in the city centre is the Britannia.


Methods list is on the website. I have also added in a handbell list for the first time, so I can benefit from the experience of the visiting experts!


Using this Google group is a bit of a voyage of discovery - I have about 15 people in group so far but will be emailing others specifically and adding people directly.


We have not traditionally rung many peals on these trips, principally because it adds a disproportionately great additional burden on the organisation. I will try and weave a few in this time though, both tower and hand.