UK22 update #3

Not too much to add over previous updates – just a few more dates slotting into place and a few more people have told me they have booked their flights.


Quite a few complete days are filled up now. I particularly like the first Monday where we have two hours at each of West Ham, Shoreditch and Spitalfields, followed by a trip to the famous Pride of Spitalfields in Brick Lane, which in turn is curry central. Alan Regin will be joining us from Shoreditch – this is very much his Manor. Phil Barnes has sorted out a day trip in Kent which includes our first visit to Canterbury Cathedral and the unforgettable Quex Park. I know there are some of you who have not rung at Liverpool Cathedral so there is an experience to look forward to.

Details are being kept updated on the website.


It is difficult to say exactly what costs will be, and it is heavily driven by exchange rates of course, but the format this time is possibly not as expensive in terms of travel cost as previous tours because we haven’t got as many trains and coaches. Three complete days in London is just the cost of a Travelcard, and a couple of the Birmingham days are very cheap public transport.

Meals in pubs these days are about £10 for a main meal, and beer is between £4 and £5 a pint. Costs are going up though.


At the moment the weather in August is looking good.


Methods list is on the website, including handbells.

In my last update I mentioned we will be ringing 60 on 3rds. If you want to start swotting up on the style I have now published my eBook and it is here Push the handstrokes in!