UK22 update #4

Not too much to add over previous updates again. Starting to think about things such as polo shirts and contingency plans in the event of train strikes! Many of the locals who have come as supporters on previous tours have signed up to come again and soon I'll start filling out the supporter roster to make sure there are enough people to ring what we want to ring at each tower.


I am doing a bit of shuffling round of London 12s at the moment because Cornhill has been rented out to a film company for the weekend. Fortunately the City is not short of rings of 12! Finding somewhere in west London on Sunday afternoon was problematic but I am pleased we are going to have our first visit to Chelsea Old Church. Otherwise a few more places have been inked in rather than pencilled in, such as Great St Mary's Cambridge.

Details are being kept updated on the website.

Polo shirts

I saw Mark Esbester yesterday in Guildford and he has agreed to be Shirtmeister. We need a design if anyone has a bright idea that doesn't just put the society crest or a bell in the middle of a circle of words!

Also Simon Meyer would like to draw your attention to the ASCY merchandise at For Members. If you place and order and let him know, the items can be brought along to UK22 and save the shipping.