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A new Master

New Master On Tues 8th Nov, Stef Warboys was elected Master of the Society. Here she is seen receiving the Master's Badge from the Immediate Past Master, Simon Linford.
Anniversary Dinner

Anniversary Dinner

The 368th Anniversary Dinner took place on 5th November. Photographs of the event appear here, together with a report by Ann Wilby.
Spliced S Major record

100 atw peal at Loughborough

On Friday 28th October a Society band broke the Spliced Surprise Major record by ringing 22,400 changes in 100 methods, all the work. The peal, which took 10 hours 48 minutes, was rung at Loughborough. Full details can be found here. The band is pictured above.
Past Secretary's Masters Ring Peal with him

Photo GR

On Sunday 16th October, the five Past Masters who served with Phil Rogers during his six years as Secretary got together with Phil and rang a peal on the middle six at Cripplegate (the first 6-bell peal in the tower). Getting a date which all six ringers could make was no mean feat, but the peal was a good one and represented a personal thank you to Phil. (Pictured above, left to right: John White, Colin Newman, Phil Rogers, Paul Carless, Chris Pickford and Dickon Love.)
Peal Weekend

This took place over the weekend of 16-18th September and was based on the counties of England. With 46 successful peals rung out of a 55 attempted, this was one of the most successful peal weekends in recent years. Congratulations go to Chris Kippin, Junior Steward, for co-ordinating the weekend. Full details may be viewed here.

The Ringing Roadshow

Ringing Roadshow

The Ringing Roadshow was held at Newbury Race Course on Saturday 10th September. The Society hosted a stand there for the first time. It was widely agreed to be a very successful day.

Pictured here is the Master with the Master of the Society of Royal Cumberland Youths (Ian Fielding). (Click to enlarge)

UK05 Tour

UK05 London Day

The tour of the United Kingdom for members of the Society based elsewhere in the work took place in the summer of 2005. Thanks for David Baverstock for the photographs of the London Day that appear here.
Gathering in Christchurch, New Zealand

An evening in Christchurch, New Zealand

Michael Wilby led a group of ringers on a tour of Australia and New Zealand in August, 2005. One of their ports of call was Christchurch, New Zealand. Whilst not a College Youths tour, there were plenty of members in attendance. The Society has very strong links with Christchurch, and the Webmaster was pleased to receive a number of photographs of a convivial evening from Mike Clayton, the Tower Captain at the Cathedral, which may be viewed here.
Weekend in Scotland


Nearly 40 members of the College Youths, including many resident in Scotland, formerly resident in Scotland, and with Scottish connections, met for a weekend of peal ringing from 8-10th July. Peals were attempted all five rings of ten in Scotland for the first time in the same weekend and although one of these was unsuccessful, seven peals in total were rung. A dinner was held in Edinburgh. See pictures and a report here.
4 Peal of Maximus in a Day at Different Towers

Band who rang 4 peals of maximus in a day

A band of 12 College Youths rang peals of Maximus on the four City of London 12s of St Giles, Cripplegate, St Mary-le-Bow, St Sepulchre-without-Newgate and St Michael, Cornhill on the same day. This is the first time four 12-bell peals have been rung by the same band band in one day on different rings of bells (peals on three different 12s has been done, and four in a day have been rung on the 14cwt twelve at Quex Park).
These four 12s have an average tenor weight of over 36cwt. The peals had to be rung between 6.30 in the morning and 10 at night, which meant the average peal speed needed to be under 3hrs 30mins, and only about half an hour was available between peals to eat, drink, answer the call, and get to the next tower. In the end the final peal on the 42cwt 12 at Cornhill came into rounds at 10.15pm. The band from left to right: John Hughes-D'Aeth, Simon Linford, Stephanie Warboys, John Warboys, Martin Whiteley, Paul Carless, Robin Hall, Stephen Coaker, Andrew Mills, David Baverstock, Paul Mounsey, Andrew Graham. Click pic to enlarge.
ASCY 12 Bell Competition

ASCY 12 bell competition

A new innovation for 2005 was a 12 bell striking competition by eight bands of College Youths from different parts of the country. This was held on Saturday 21st May at Evesham. The winners, in this knock-out contest, was Birmingham. See details of the heats, the bands, the winners and a gallery of photographs here.

ASCY v SRCY Competition

Competition against the SRCY

A Striking Competition was held against the Society of Royal Cumberland Youths in the Spring. The first leg was at Southwark Cathedral (left) where the 6 and 12 bell competitions were held, while the second leg was held at Shoreditch where the 8 and 10 bell competitions were held. The result was a draw 2-2. Full details of the teams and results may be viewed here.

Informal Dinner

Informal Dinner

The Informal Dinner took place at Davy's of Creed Lane on Friday 6th May. This was a very enjoyable occasion; a gallery of photographs may be viewed here.

Practice with Cecil Longhurst

Cecil Longhurst with the Master

A special practice took place after a peal at Henfield, West Sussex, where the Master was able to ring with Cecil Longhurst, 89, one of the Society's oldest members. This followed a peal at St Nicholas, Brighton with a band made up of the Master and members from Sussex. Pictures from the occasion may be seen here.

Dinner for the Immediate Past Secretary

Phil Roger's Dinner

On 11th January, the Immediate Past Master (Colin Newman) organised a dinner at the Hop Cellars, Southwark in honour of Phil Roger's six years as Secretary of the Society. See the report and gallery here and download the chanted speech!
Dinner for the Immediate Past Master

Colin Newman's dinner

On 7th January, the Immediate Past Secretary (Phil Rogers) organised a dinner at the Gay Hussar, Greek St, in honour of Colin Newman's year as Master of the Society. All the officers were present as were all those who served as officers during Colin's years as Junior and Senior Steward. As ever, the occasion was extremely convivial and enjoyed by all. More photos may be viewed here.

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