The Ancient
Society of
Est. 1637

Proposals for Membership and Current Subscriptions

The membership fee is currently £40, payable to 'ASCY' via the Secretary.

Proposals for new members are welcomed from any member, either in person at a Business Meeting, or by letter to the Secretary. Such a proposal also requires a seconder at this stage. Elections take place at the subsequent meeting, one month following the proposal. The Rules state that candidates should be over the age of 14, not members of the Society of Royal Cumberland Youths, have rung a quarter peal in a recognised method or methods and be "suitable persons who will uphold the traditions and standards of the Society". Candidates and their sponsors are encouraged to be present at their election meeting if possible, although it is recognised that distance may rule this out.

Annual membership under which tax can be reclaimed by the Society is £40. Weekly Steepleage for those who "meet with the Society" is £1

The Peal Fee is currently £1.50 per ringer. This goes towards the magnificent illumination of the peal in the ASCY Peal Book.