Peal analysis

These statistics are provided and maintained by the Society's Peal Recorder, Richard Allton, with acknowledgement to Philip Saddleton who created the records 1968-2007 during his years as Peal Recorder.


Peal fees

Conductors of peals are responsible for ensuring that a fee of £1.50 per person is paid within 2 months of a Society peal being rung. This can be done either by cheque (payable to ASCY) to the Treasurer:

Graham Firman
Little Creed Cottage
Green Lane
PO18 8NT

Or by direct bank transfer to the following account:

BranchCanary Wharf
AccountAncient Society of College Youths
Account TypeBusiness
Account No82104652
ReferenceYour name or initials plus peal date

Notice of peal attempts

Peal organisers are encouraged to give notice of their attempts at a business meeting, in person or by informing the Secretary. Notice of the following attempts was given at a recent business meeting.

Date Place Method Organiser
14th May 2022 Cornhill 4 Spliced Maximus Mr G M Bradshaw
19th May 2022 Cornhill Vestry Stedman Cinques (hb) Mr P N Mounsey
24th May 2022 Bishopstoke 6 Spliced Caters & Royal Mr R LeMarechal
30th May 2022 Cripplegate Stedman Cinques Mr L D G Simpson
1st June 2022 Wingrave London Surprise Major Mr A J Frost
6th June 2022 Darley Dale Bristol Surprise Major Mr R J Angrave
8th June 2022 TBA Stedman Cinques (hb) Mr P N Mounsey
14th June 2022 Stepney Sgurr A'Choraichain Surprise Royal Mrs G Rogers