For Members

Proposals for Membership and Current Subscriptions

Image from the membership certificate

The membership fee is currently £50, payable to ‘ASCY’ via the Secretary.

Proposals for new members are welcomed from any member, either in person at a Business Meeting, or by letter to the Secretary. Such a proposal also requires a seconder at this stage. Elections take place at the subsequent meeting, one month following the proposal. The Rules state that candidates should be over the age of 14, not members of the Society of Royal Cumberland Youths, have rung a quarter peal in a recognised method or methods and be “suitable persons who will uphold the traditions and standards of the Society”. Candidates and their sponsors are encouraged to be present at their election meeting if possible, although it is recognised that distance may rule this out.

Weekly Steepleage for those who “meet with the Society” is £2. Annual steepleage is £72 (reduced to £50 if a donation of at least £40 is made to the Bell Restoration Fund).

The Peal Fee is currently £1.50 per ringer. This goes towards the magnificent illumination of the peal in the ASCY Peal Book.

Society Merchandise

ASCY Embroidered Clothing

The society has arranged for the supply of polo shirts, hoodies and zoodies embroidered with the society’s logo.

The costs are:

  • Polo shirts £16.75
  • Hoodies £29.00
  • Zoodies £33.50

If you wish for them to be couriered, please add £6.75 per delivery address (number of items not important). Otherwise, if you will be seeing the secretary, he can collect them from the supplier periodically (please email to let him know you want them collecting and make this clear to the supplier).

Items should be ordered directly from Taylor Made Uniforms by emailing them at

Please include the number of items required, size and colour as well as your full postal address if being couriered. The colour and size details are here:

Please note that the sizes differ between these two catalogues so a large in one is different to a large in the other.

The supplier has our logo. We have asked them not to accept any modifications or additions to this. They have kindly agreed to supply these as individuals order them so please understand that they will fit our orders around their larger contracts.

Payment should be made to:

Account Taylor Made Uniforms
Account No 19761015
Sortcode 60-11-17
Reference "ASCY" and your name

Society ties in dark blue are available from the Secretary. Payment of £15 (which includes postage) should be made to the society's account:

BankUnity Trust Bank
Account NameAncient Society of College Youths
Account TypeBusiness
Account No20466925
Reference"Tie" and your name

The Society of College Youths 1637-2005 A Revised History of the Society

Bill Cook

A new edition of “The History of the College Youths” has been produced. It comprises the original 1987 edition by Bill Cook (left) with all known errors corrected. It has also been brought up to date with 2 new chapters edited by Dickon Love. With the addition of pictures and illustrations throughout, this handsome new edition is bound to be a book that every member will wish to possess.

To get your copy, transfer £20 to the following account and email the Secretary with your address.

BankUnity Trust Bank
Account NameAncient Society of College Youths
Account TypeBusiness
Account No20466925
Reference"History" and your name

The price includes post and packaging.

Rule Book

The Society’s Rules have been re-printed as an A5 booklet. This is the first re-print since 1987 and has been undertaken by Graham Austin, a Member from Liverpool. Our thanks to Graham for doing this.

Although the Rule Book is primarily designed to be given to new Members on their election, copies are available for purchase by Members as well. The cost is £1 “over the counter” or £2 by post. If you would like a copy, please send payment to the ASCY account and email the Secretary.

Gift Aid

Those making a donation to the Bell Restoration Fund are asked to complete a one-off Gift Aid form if they pay income tax. Once completed it will no longer be necessary to fill out a form on every occasion a donation is given to the Society BRF. The form and notes for its completion may be downloaded here.

Gift Aid forms may be posted or emailed to the Treasurer.

Friends of the Bell Restoration Fund

Members and supporters are very welcome to make donations to the Society’s Bell Restoration Fund. This is a registered charity which gives grants to support the bell installations at churches where the Society has a major interest, primarily those in and around the City of London where the Society practises. The Bell Fund has taken responsibility for all routine non-faculty maintenance at St Giles, Cripplegate, St Sepulchre, Holborn and St Michael's Cornhill. Members making an annual donation to the Bell Restoration Fund of at least £40 are entitled to a reduced annual steepleage rate. To learn more or contribute, please contact the Treasurer via