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Anniversary Dinner

The Master was Stan Mason.  Jim Phillips, who supplied this picture, identifies people as follows:

Top table from L to R:- 3rd from left H N Pitstow, A York-Bramble, H Miles, Rev Turner (Cripplegate), A A Hughes, F Sharpe, ?, Rev F Llewellyn Edwards, J S Mason (Master), Rev Hopkins (Bow), A B Peck, Vicar Jewry, then next to last on right is Douglas Hughes and extreme right on the top table is Russell Wilson (Churchwarden Jewry).

On the table nearest to the camera can be seen backs to camera extreme left Desmond Painter and extreme right Bob Begrie. On this table facing camera are 3rd from left Bill Cook, Philip Chalk, 7th from left is F Scott.

2nd table away from camera with backs to camera 6th from left: R J Bowden and on end of table, R G Hooper. Facing are 8th from left Tudor Edwards, Frank Hansford and Albert Tyler.

3rd table away from camera with backs to camera are C Norris next to top table, 4th from left John Waters, John Hill, Derek Fowles, Frank Price, Kenneth MacIntosh, M V Chilcott, J E Chilcott. Facing camera L to R Michael Moreton (next to top table) ? Jim Phillips, Brooke Lunn, D J Neal-Smith, Richard Price, ? Ray Parsons, David Parsons.

4th table away from camera with backs to camera are R to L. Aubrey Winn, Stewart Kimber (in Uniform), F E Darby, W Williams, C G J Watts, H Belcher, E G Fenn. Facing camera are R to L 2nd Right W J Rawlings, R F Deal (partially hidden, Jack Phillips, Rodney Meadows, Frank Smallwood, Albert Walker).

Standing at back are 3rd from right F E Collins, 5th from right Jim Hurrell, Fred Hurrell and opposite them is Geoff Hurrell making three generations of the same family.

Gillian Leale (daughter of D J Neil-Smith on 3rd table away from the camera) has put a few more names to the faces.......

In her words:

"Sitting on Fred Scott's left side on the nearest table is Bill Butler.

Standing at the back on Ted Collins' left side is Roydon Davies (Surrey Association master at that time).

Sitting opposite Stewart Kimber is surely Jim Pipe?? Although I hesitate to say this because surely someone else would have recognised him already?

Immediately above Frank Darby's head (with moustache) is Jim Prior.

On the last table with the letter E covering his left shoulder I'm pretty sure is John Mayne.

On the fifth Table (E) with his back to Jack Philips and Dick Deal (chin touching Dick Deal's head) is Phil Corby."

Mick Hobbs adds a few more:

2nd table away from the top table (left to right), next to Richard Bowden is Frank Skidmore (St.Ambrose, Bristol), then Alan Hillier (SMR), Emlyn Hancock (SMR) and Reg Hooper (St Ambrose, Bristol who taught me to ring)

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