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Friday, 15th November, 2002

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Photo DrL On the evening of Friday, 15th November, the officers hosted a dinner for Chris Pickford in celebration of his year in office as Master. The dinner was held in an upstairs room at "The Gay Hussar" in Soho, London.

The Master, Dickon Love, gave a review of the year, in (rhyme!), expressed the Officers' thanks and led the toast. He also presented Chris with a framed photograph which was signed on the back by all those present at the dinner.

Chris Pickord (on the right), with the Master, Dickon Love in the middle and Paul Carless, Chris' predecessor as Master. Later that evening, the Master led a silent toast to Rodney Meadows, who died hours after a similar dinner to Paul Carless earlier in the year, and who would otherwise have been present at this event.
Photo DrL Photo DrL Photo DrL
Simon Linford (Junior Steward), John White (Master during Chris' year as Junior Steward), David House (Trustee), Andrew Stubbs (Treasurer). Chris Pickford, on the left. Next to him is Colin Newman (Senior Steward), Phil Rogers (Secretary) and Jim Phillips (Librarian). Andrew Stubbs, Paul Mounsey (Senior Steward when Chris was Junior Steward) and Paul Carless.
Photo DrL

As the evening draws to a close, the Officers gaze on a table of empty wine glasses (lots of them!).

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