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ASCY Gathering in Altanta/Marietta, 11-12th March, 2006
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ASCY members from all over North America gathered in Georgia for a highly successful weekend. John Owen gave the following report. (Thanks too to John for the photographs.)

The CY trip to Georgia was highly successful. Two peals rung, one lost in ignominy - I claim lack of preparation. We were effectively shut out of Atlanta when the ninth lost a clapper the day before we got to the South. So we elected to try Marietta twice. Our thanks to Derek Wilsden for helping get that arranged at such short notice. The Augusta peal was Yorkshire, very enjoyable though the tower did get a bit hot. Saturday was to be Double Norwich, but yours truly had not done enough homework and the fog of years of no practice made for problems. Our ringing of DNCB did improve as the day wore on. Sunday a very creditable peal of three spliced was rung at Marietta. Both successful attempts were very well conducted by Tim Barnes.

As was the intent, we spent a lot of time helping the local bands. At Augusta I spent the morning with a dedicated small group, in the evening, after the peal, we all participated with most of the local band. In Atlanta we joined the joint practice on Saturday morning and rang a wide variety of methods on the front eight at St Luke's. I think we did good.

Socially the event was great. Friday night the Augusta ringers introduced us to the Village Deli and a good time was had by all. Saturday evening was spent in the The Pub at the Marietta Conference Center and Resort. Pool, darts, shuffleboard, draft Bass and burgers was the order of the night.

Photo John Owen Photo John Owen
The almost detached tower at the church of The Good Shepherd, Augusta Greg Hinson and Jim Nord sipping champagne
Photo John Owen Photo John Owen
Teddy Smyth, Sudie Lea O'Connor, Quilla Roth,
Cecily Rock 
Three spliced band, in order, David Hawkins, Quilla Roth, Nick Rossi, Cecily Rock,
John Mabe, John Owen, Rick Dirksen, Tim Barnes (C)
Photo John Owen Photo John Owen
Ina Owen,  David Hawkins, Rick Dirksen, Libby Dirksen, Ann Hawkins  Libby Dirksen, Ina Owen, Ann Hawkins at the Marietta Conference Center and Resort 
Photo John Owen Photo John Owen
Yorkshire peal band (in order) Quilla Roth, John Owen, Nick Rossi, David Hawkins, John Mabe, Cecily Rock, Greg Hinson, Tim Barnes (C).
David Hawkins' first peal in more than thirty years.
Ina Owen in the ringing chamber at Augusta.

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