The Ancient
Society of
Est. 1637

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72,000 changes of Minor on Handbells
Sunday 6th May, 2007

Ancient Society of College Youths

53, Covent Garden
On Sunday 6th May 2007 in 24hrs 9mins (Size 9 in B)
A Peal of
72,000 Treble Dodging Minor (in 100m)
1 extent each: Pevensey D, Woodcock's Victory TB, Skipton D, Chepstow D, Balmoral D, Fotheringay D, Belvoir D, Dover D, Richborough D, Capel TB, Kingston TB, London Scholars' Pleasure TB, Sandal TB, Oxford TB, Norton-le-moors TB, Pennine TB, Cheviot TB, Stirling D, Chelsea D, Mendip TB, Beeston D, Melandra D, Peveril D, Leasowe D, Waltham D, Berwick S, Hexham S, Primrose S, Abbeyville D, Cunecastre S, Coldstream S, Lincoln S, Kelso S, Crowland D, St Werburgh D, Vale Royal D, Combermere D, Snowdon TB, Killamarsh TB, Carisbrooke D, Wath D, Waterford TB, Edinburgh D, Kentish D, Oswald D, Kent TB, Fountains D, Tewkesbury D, Sandiacre S, Glastonbury D, Chester S, Munden S, Carlisle S, Bacup S, Charlwood D, Wragby D, St Albans D, Neasden D, Warkworth S, Norwich S, Chadkirk TB, Ely D, Dunedin D, British Scholars' Pleasure TB, Conisborough D, Morning Star TB, Disley D, Berwyn TB, Quantock TB, Trinity Sunday TB, Donottar D, Pontefract D, Burslem D, Ipswich S, Elston D, Kirkstall D, Bourne S, Bamborough S, Marple D, Netherseale S, Allendale S, Westminster S, Knutsford D, Rostherne D, Wilmslow D, Bogedone D, Ockley TB, Norbury TB, College Exercise TB, Duke of Norfolk TB, Pembroke D, Berkeley D, Barham D, Beverley S, Surfleet S, Cambridge S, Newdigate D, Willesden D, College Bob IV D, Old Oxford D

Composed by: Traditional

1-2. Philip J. Earis
3-4. Andrew J. W. Tibbetts (C)
5-6. David J. Pipe

The longest peal ever rung.

Umpires: Simon Linford (chief), Rod and Mary Pipe, Martin Whiteley, Jennie Butler, Oliver Hall, John Loveless, John Thurman, Robin Hall, Andrew Keech, Cecilia Pipe, Philip Saddleton, Michael and Vicky Wilby

l-r Philip Earis, Andrew Tibbetts, David Pipe.

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