The Ancient
Society of
Est. 1637

Bristol Country Meeting, 14th July 2019
By Simon Meyer

The weekend of 13-14 July saw the Ancient Society of College Youths in Bristol for their country meeting. Over the preceding two days 9 peals were rung in surrounding towers (details available here).

On the Saturday there was ringing at Bristol Cathedral (including a brisk touch of spliced brought about by the shortness of the tenor's rope .... or the tenor ringer) and St Mary Redcliffe.

At their meeting at St John on the Wall the society was welcomed to Bristol by Lucy Warren. The evening saw 110 dine in the Clifton Pavilion at Bristol Zoo. This proved a fine venue with diners enjoying a walk around the zoo with a drink before dinner.

So thanks are due to everyone who helped make the weekend one which was enjoyed in true College Youths fashion - fine ringing and great craic.

  • Lucy Warren welcomes the Society to Bristol.

  • Members queuing for the bar.

  • Drinking in the zoo before dinner.

  • The organisers, Master and Stewards: Lucy Warren, Ryan Noble, Matt Dawson, Leigh Simpson, Ian Hill and Swaz Apter.

  • Ben Meyer and Ryan Noble.

  • Attempts to start a resident band came to nothing.

  • Eleanor and Charlie Linford with Chris and Heather Kippin.

  • The dinner venue at Bristol Zoo.

  • Przemyslaw and Dickon Benonski-Love, Paul Williams and Graham Firman.

  • Swaz Apter and David House.

  • The Master says a few words.

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