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Photo DrL Dublin was the venue for a peal by the Society on the relatively recently augmented ring of sixteen at the Diocesan Cathedral of Christ Church. On Mon 17th Mar a peal of Bristol S Sixteen was successfully rung in 4 hrs 5 mins. With this peal, the ASCY became the first society to ring peals on each of the World's rings of sixteen.

The peal was rung at the conclusion of the St Patrick's Day parade through the centre of the Irish capital.

Here, Paul Mounsey is pictured with the crowds and the Cathedral in the background.

Photo DrL. Click to enlarge. Photo DrL. Click to enlarge. Photo DrL. Click to enlarge.
Some of the band waiting outside the Cathedral waiting for the peal to start. The parade in full flow outside the Cathedral, photographed from the top of the south transcept. Michael Wilby amongst the 19 bells checking the ropes in the belfry.

Photo DrL. Click to enlarge.

A composite photograph of the ringing room at Christ Church with the band waiting to start. The tenor is the red sally in the centre of the photograph at the back. The 9th rope is just beyond the right side of the photograph. Click to enlarge.

Photo DrL. Click to enlarge.

After the peal, Andrew Wilby with a pint of the black stuff sporting suitable festive dress!

Photo DEH Photo DEH
Amusement at a letter to Hannah Wilby. The Master chatted up by Mrs House.
Photo DEH Photo DEH
Hannah Wilby and Dickon Love dressed to celebrate St Patrick.

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