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Contest for Junior Steward

Photo Robert Lewis

At the November Business Meeting, there were unusually 3 candidates nominated for the post of Junior Steward. The two main contenders are photographed here (Stef Warboys and Jim Hardy). Stef was finally elected after the first round of voting. It is healthy to see this position contested and long may it continue to be so.

Anniversary Dinner

2003 Anniversary Dinner

The 366th Anniversary Dinner was held on 1st November at the Accountants Hall. See here a report from Steve Waters and a full gallery of photographs from the occasions here.

Peal by New Members from the Master's Year

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A peal was rung at Solihull of Yorkshire Maximus on 11th October. This was notable as it contained 9 members who were elected during the current Master's year of office. The peal was conducted by the Master and proved to be very respectable. Pictured here (left to right): Paul Tiebout, Paul Hunter, John Mulvey, Becky Sugden, Tim Palmer, Clive Smith, Sam Austin, Dickon Love, Gordon Birks, Janet Rothera, Henry Coggill, Nicholas Soanes. Of this band, only Tim and Gordon were elected prior to Nov 2002. Click this image to enlarge.

Peal weekend

St Andrew's, Sydney - venue of a peal weekend peal.

The Society peal weekend took place on 19th - 21st September. Details of peals attempted and scored are given here.

Tour to New Zealand and Australia

Tour of New Zealand and Australia

The highlight of the year must surely have been the ASCY's 3 week tour of New Zealand and Australia. It was the longest official tour in the Society's history, included the first official Tuesday night practice outside the UK with peals at all the 12 bell towers and the 16 at Perth. A day by day account may be read here and a report for the Ringing World will be placed here also in due course.

Country Meeting at Cambridge

Cambridge Country Meeting

The first Country Meeting of the year was held at Cambridge, the Master's University city, on 31st July - 2nd August. A report by Eleanor Kippin and a gallery of photos can be found here.

National 12-Bell Striking Contest

ASCY 12-bell squad. Click to enlarge. Photo Michael Royalton-Kisch.

The final of the National 12-bell Striking Competition took place on Saturday 28th June at Surfleet. The method was Stedman Cinques. The ASCY band was placed a very close 2nd to the winners, Birmingham. The band is pictured here (l-r)(top) David Hilling, Stephen Coaker (C), Andrew Graham, Tony Bloomfield, John Hughes-D'Aeth, Phil Rogers (bottom) Mark Humphreys, Stephen Waters, Dickon Love, Simon Linford, Victoria Halliwell, Joanne Ainsworth. The quality of ringing in the competition was very high and this band produced an excellent piece of ringing. (Click on photo or here to enlarge.)

Weekend in Manchester

Manchester 2003

On 24th-26th May, Jeff Brannan organised a weekend for members of the Society who live in and around Yorkshire/Lancashire to rings peals and gather for a dinner. See some pictures and read a report by Paul Carless (to follow) here. Here the Master is pictured with 4 very new members from Liverpool.

Past Masters' Tribute to Frank Darby

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Frank Darby, the Society's Senior member, passed away on 11th April 2003, aged 97. The Master rang a peal with Past Masters at St Mary le Bow in his memory. It was 5097 Stedman Cinques, composed by Frank Darby and arranged by Paul Mounsey. Frank had a particular connection with Bow as he was the only person to have ever rung peals on all three rings of 12 there. Here the peal band is pictured (l-r) Paul Williams, David Rothera, Chris Rogers, Paul Mounsey, Alan Frost, John Hughes-D'Aeth, Alan Flood, Richard Tibbetts, Paul Carless, Andrew Wilby, John White, Dickon Love.

Informal Dinner

Gallery of Informal Dinner photographs

The Informal Dinner was held on Friday 11th April, in Davy's Wine Bar in Creed Lane. Once again it was an excellent evening enjoyed by all who went. A gallery of pictures may be viewed here.

Ernie Rowe

Photo Stephen Rowe

Ernie Rowe passed away in March 2003. Here he is pictured in the belfry of St Mary's, Sydney, a tower with which he was closely involved.

Celebrating St Patrick in Dublin

Peal in Dublin for St Patrick

Dublin was the venue for a peal by the Society on the relatively recently augmented ring of sixteen at the Diocesan Cathedral of Christ Church. On Mon 17th Mar a peal of Bristol S Sixteen was successfully rung in 4 hrs 5 mins. With this peal, the ASCY became the first society to ring peals on each of the World's rings of sixteen.

The peal was rung at the conclusion of the St Patrick's Day parade through the centre of the Irish capital.

More pictures here.

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