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Friday, 11th April, 2003
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Some Beckenham ringers head up one end of the table...

...while the Secretary (Phil Rogers) heads up the other.
More tables in Davy's.

David House flanked by Jane Waters and Enid Lawson.

Another joke is shared! Jon Waters drinking lager.
Chris Kippin stoops to have a word with Michael Wilby. Not anything that Eleanor seems interested in. David House is cornered by Gwen Rogers.
Michael Wilby, Eleanor Kippin and Simon Linford. Jeremy Byers with a rather large head on his pint.
Less than a week after becoming a father again, the Senior Steward (Colin Newman) raises his glass in a toast. Steve and Jane Waters chatting to Chris Rusby and Barbara Foster.
The Master (Dickon Love), moments before the Secretary poured wine over him. Peter and Brenda Humphreys down from Liverpool.
Andrew Wilby clearly satisfied. Mark Humphreys and Emma Drury.
The Treasurer (Andrew Stubbs). Chris Rusby, Dickon Love and Phil Rogers.
Jim Hardy and O'Rhiannon Meredith.

There now follows a series of photographs taken at various points through the evening of Paul Carless ...

... with Hannah Wilby, ... with Lucy Weston,
... with Emma Drury, ... and with Gwen Rogers.

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