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Est. 1637

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1st Peal on the Augmented Bells at Brereton
Sunday 2nd August, 2009

Photos C Michael Orme.

The village of Brereton, Cheshire, was the seat of the 2nd Lord Brereton who is recorded as the first Master of the ASCY in its Name Book, in 1637.  The church of St Oswald has a ring of bells, 3 of which date back to 1634.  Until 2003 they were a ring of 5 with an empty pit for a 6th bell, which wasn't installed until 2003.  The Society was invited to ring the first peal on the augmented ring on Sunday 2nd August.  The last time the Society rang a peal here was 2001 where a band of Officers rang for the Brereton Worldwide Reunion.  So under the direction of the Secretary, a band of Officers and Officials rang in this peal, which was also for the Brereton Bear Festival.
  Ancient Society of College Youths
BRERETON, Cheshire
St Oswald
Sunday, 2 August 2009 in 2h50 (10 1/2)
5040 T D Minor (7m)
1 extent each Chester S, College Youths Pleasure TB, Oswald D, Wearmouth S, Norwich S, London S, Cambridge S
1 Philip R Goodyer
2 Dickon R Love
3 Martin J Cansdale
4 Christopher Ridley
5 John N Hughes-D'Aeth (C)
6 Peter Valuks
The first peal on the augmented six.
Rung by a band of Officers and Officials to celebrate the Brereton Bear Festival.

The band outside the church. L-R: Martin Cansdale (Senior Steward), Chris Ridley (Librarian), John Hughes-D'Aeth (Secretary), Dickon Love (Web Master), Peter Valuks (Master), Phil Goodyer (Junior Steward). Photos of the ringing taken during the peal.

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