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Society of
Est. 1637

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A Peal Weekend in Somerset
The Master organised a peal weekend in his old haunts in Somerset over the weekend of 24th-26th April.
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Informal Dinner
The Informal Dinner was held at the Bleeding Heart in Farringdon on 8th May.
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Country Meeting in Edinburgh
The 2009 Country Meeting was held in Edinburgh over the weekend of 11th July.
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1st Peal on the Augmented Bells at Brereton
The village of Brereton, Cheshire, was the seat of the 2nd Lord Brereton who is recorded as the first Master of the ASCY in its Name Book, in 1637. The church of St Oswald has a ring of bells, 3 of which date back to 1634. Until 2003 they were a ring of 5 with an empty pit for a 6th bell, which wasn't installed until 2003. The Society was invited to ring the first peal on the augmented ring on Sunday 2nd August. Under the direction of the Secretary, a band of Officers and Officials rang in this peal, which was also for the Brereton Bear Festival.
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Dedication Service at St Magnus the Martyr
The new bells at St Magnus the Martyr were dedicated on 26th October at a special High Mass.  The preacher was the Archdeacon of London, the Rev'd David Meara, and about 300 people were present.
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A New Master
Peter Valuks, outgoing Master, installs Martin Cansdale into the Chair.  Phil Goodyer became Senior Steward and David Maynard joined top table as Junior Steward.  All other officers remained the same.

Top Table 2009-10
The December meeting took place in the City Tavern and presented an unusual opportunity to photograph the entire top table in one shot (with the exception of Trustee, David House, who was not sitting at the table).

372nd Anniversary Dinner
The 372nd anniversary dinner took place at the Tower Guoman Hotel.
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1st ASCY Peal at St Magnus
The first peal by the Society was rung at St Magnus on Friday 11th December.  Details are below:

5002 Stedman Cinques in 3h31
Composed by P N Mounsey
1 Joanna M Ainsworth
2 Dickon R Love
3 David P Hiling
4 David J Dearnley
5 Paul N Mounsey (C)
6 James H Foster
7 Graham M Bradshaw
8 David G Maynard
9 Andrew J Graham
10 Martin J Cansdale
11 Paul L Carless
12 Philip R Goodyer
Second peal on the bells and first by the Society.

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